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In 2011 CEGE has become a subsidairy of the renowned Dutch companies Wiertsema & Partners BV (specialized in geotechnical investigations and consultancy) and BK Ingenieurs (specialized in environmental research, asbestos and civil engineering). CEGE formerly operated under the trade names Bouwlab NV and Curacao Environmental Consultancy BV (CMA BV), both of which have been well established in the area over the years. The office is located in Willemstad, Curacao. CEGE's team consists of about 10 enthusiastic staff, and on demand makes use of specialists working within both parent companies.


CEGE Caribbean BV (CEGE)

Is specialized in civil engineering, environmental and geotechnical investigations and the preparation and management of infrastructure and building projects. CEGE's projects have been mainly realized on the former Netherlands Antilles, but increasingly also in other parts of the Caribbean. All field, laboratory and consultancy activities are carried out according to the relevant ASTM or EU standards (e.g. NEN, BS) specified by our clients.


Civil Engineering

The civil engineering department focuses on:

  • • quality control of concrete, asphalt and base materials;
  • • design of concrete mixtures (BS, ASTM) and creating test mixtures;
  • • suitability investigations on raw materials for concrete, asphalt and building materials;
  • • lab and in-situ testing (e.g. proctor test, plate load tests, nuclear testing, CBR);
  • • survey and monitoring activities;
  • • design of overhead and underground infrastructure;
  • • translation of design specifications in tender documents (Dutch RAW system);
  • • technical support and supervision during the implementation of civil works;
  • • noise and vibration research.


The environmental department focuses on:

  • • implementation of soil and groundwater investigations;
  • • preparation and supervision of soil and groundwater remediation;
  • • implementation of waste water, surface water and well water research;
  • • performance of asbestos surveys in buildings and ships;
  • • preparation and supervision of asbestos removal;
  • • identification of hazardous substances on ships;
  • • arranging courses and training;
  • • consultancy in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • • assistance in obtaining permits;
  • • assistance in certification processes (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001).


The geotechnical department focuses on: 

  • • mechanical drilling (auger and core drilling) and soil sampling (see leaflet drill rig B57);
  • • in situ testing e.g. SPT and DPT;
  • • geotechnical laboratory testing of soil samples (e.g. classification, grain size analysis,
    atterberg limits, bulk density, point load tests and compression tests);
  • • geotechnical consultancy for foundation design;
  • • geotechnical support and supervision during the implementation of projects;
  • • testing of rock and soil anchors;
  • • geohydrological site investigations and monitoring;
  • • geohydrological studies and consultancy;
  • • geophysical investigations;
  • • construction of groundwater monitoring networks. 

Reference Projects

Research of the asphalt quality on various road sections, Curaçao
Client Combinatie CWM-MNO B.V.
Year 2015
Department of Civil Engineering

Environmental investigation of sediment and surface water Mangroves at `t-Rif, Otrobanda
Client CPA
Year 2015
Environmental Department

Geotechnical and environmental soil investigation site Courtyard Marriott, Curaçao
Client Heren2Caribbean
Year 2014-2015
Department of Geotechnics, Environmental Department

Supervision concrete works, nuclear testing & temperature monitoring construction site HNO hospital, Curaçao
Client Ballast Nedam
Year 2014-2015
Department of Civil Engineering

Asbestos inventory Basilica Sta Ana, Curaçao
Client Q-Con Quality Contractors N.V. and IMD Consultancy
Year 2014
Environmental Department

Geotechnical investigation RIMA-steiger project Naval base Parera, Curaçao
Client Heuvelman Ibis
Year 2014
Department of Geotechnics
Soil and indoor air quality research Road to Jenkins Bay, St. Eustatius
Client Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean
Year 2013
Environmental Department

Geotechnical investigation and pavement quality research BES-islands airports
Client Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V.
Year 2013
Department of Geotechnics and Civil Engineering

Composition and construction investigation of the road foundation, Weg naar Westpunt, Curaçao
Client MNO-Vervat
Year 2013
Department of Civil Engineering

Geotechnical research shopping mall Sambil, Veeris Curaçao
Client Sambil (Venezuela)
Year 2012 Department of Geotechnics

Geotechnical research for the purpose of foundations windfarm Urirama, Aruba
Client WARE
Year 2012 Department of Geotechnics

Supervision concreting C-TEX building, Curaçao
Client C-TEX partners
Year 2012 Department of Civil Engineering

Supervision replacing concrete slabs FOL location Hato, Curaçao
Client ITT/Exelis Inc
Year 2010-now Department of Civil Engineering

Geotechnnical research new Reverse Osmosis plant for the BOO energie central, Curaçao
Client CUOC NV
Year 2012 Department of Geotechnics

Laboratory research foamed Bitumen
Client public works department Curaçao
Year from 2012 Department of Civil Engineering

Geotechnical- and environmental soil research location new hospital, Curaçao
Client USONA
Year 2011-2012 Department of Geotechnics, Environmental

Environmental research new water route
Client Aqualectra, via Ascon NV
Year 2011 Environmental Department

Geotechnical research expanding Barcadera harbor, Aruba
Client Aruba Ports Authority
Year 2011 Department of Geotechnics

Geotechnical research and concrete pouring supervision for the purpose of foundations Windfarm Tera Corá en Playa Canoa, Curaçao
Client NuCapital
Year 2011 Department of Geotechnics, Civil Engineering

Acoustics research St. Maarten
Client indivual
Year 2011 Department of Civil Engineering

Air quality research Navy base, Curaçao
Client Ministry of Defence
Year 2011 department Environmental

Research concrete damage Rima Steiger te Parera, Curacao
Client Ministry of Defence, via Witteveen & Bos (the Netherlands)
Year 2011 Department of Civil Engineering

Quality Research of the roads of Bonaire
Client C.E.C. Commissioned by the Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean, Bonaire
Year 2011 Department of Geotechnics

Environmental soil and groundwater investigation business location Curaçao Drydock Company
Client Management Curaçao Drydock Company
Year 2010 Environmental Department

Asbestos Inventory DP Polar
Client Management Curaçao Drydock Company
Year 2010 Environmental Department

Soil and groundwater investigation allotment BrakkePut, Curaçao
Client Curaçaose road building society
Year 2010 Department Environmental

Compose asbestos protocol granules, Curaçao
Client Caribbean Recycling Company
Year 2010 Department of Civil Engineering

Concrete Inspection parking garage Punda, Curaçao
Client New Winds Realty
Year 2010 Department of Civil Engineering

Soil Research new board office, Aruba
Client land Aruba
Year 2010 Department of Geotechnics

Soil Investigation expansion detention center, Bonaire
Client Van Rossum & Partners (The Netherlands)
Year 2010 Department of Geotechnics

Geotechnical investigation into the presence of underground caves, Bonaire, in association with TNO/Deltares
Client particulier
Year 2009 Department of Geotechnics

Course asbestos recognition, Curaçao
Client Environmental Service Curaçao
Year 2009 Environmental Department

Concrete Inspection and supervision mega construction scaffolding, St. Maarten
Client Ballast Nedam International
Year 2008-2009 Department of Civil Engineering

Guidance asbestos remediation cruise ship
Client Directie Curaçao Drydock Company
Year 2008 Environmental Department

Course dealing with hazardous waste, Curaçao
Client Selikor
Year 2008 EnvironmentalDepartment

Concrete Inspection and advising concrete mixtures Renaissance hotel, Curaçao
Client de heer de Veer, Aruba
Year 2008 Department of Civil Engineering

Asbestos research ms Seamaster, Curaçao
Client Environmental service Curaçao
Year 2008 Environmental Department

Department Groundwater quality research dumps Koraal Specht en Mal Pais, Curaçao
Client Selikor
Year 2007-2008 Environmental Department

Drafting Environmental Impact Report slurry reactor Parkietenbos dump, Aruba
Client land Aruba
Year 2006 Environmental Department

ing. Paul van Rijswijk
Senior counselor
Ruviënsel Martina Bsc.
Architectural and Civil Lab. Technician
Ethiën Troeman
Operations supervisor
Rayen Breeveld
Field Worker
Anna Krasnopeeva-van der Linden
Project Manager
Gigiola Arroyo
Office Manager
Kirsten Belfor
Field Worker


CEGE Caribbean

Nightingaleweg 18
Willemstad, Curaçao
Tel.: +5999 461 34 79
Fax: +5999 465 28 99

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